Mille Grazie! The Italian courses of Berlino Schule are coming back in February 2020

Mille Grazie I and Mille Grazie II, the two Italian elementary course of Berlino Schule, are starting next February to your (and our) delight!

Come the new year, everything is going to change. Good intentions are going to be your “categorical imperative”! By the way, have you already bought a diary?! Trust me, you will need it if you want to keep your agenda updated. For instance, you should go the the gym, or finally start to learn German (here you can find our next German courses). And if you really want to listen to the devil on your shoulder, you should also organize your Summer holidays. Are you thinking of spending them in Italy, aren’t you? Would it not be a good idea to begin learning some Italian words?

Mille Grazie! The Italian courses of Berlino Schule

Berlino Schule has come up with two interesting courses for you: Mille Grazie I for total beginners, and Mille Grazie II (A1.2/ A2). What you will be offered: excellent Italian teachers, very small groups (not more than 10 people for each course) and a real Italian environment.

Out teachers

Every course is taught in the target language, i.e. our teachers constantly speak the language that our students want to learn when delivering lessons or explaining concepts. Our method relies on the belief that a total immersion is the most effective way to study a language. All our teachers got the Ditals certification, a professional qualification offered by Unistrasi (Università per Stranieri di Siena).

Italian course Mille Grazie I (A1 level)

The course Mille Grazie I starts on 13th February at 19:00. Classes take place every Thursday, from 19:00 to 21:30, for 16 weeks.

Italian course Mille Grazie II (A1.2/ A2 leval)

The course Mille Grazie II starts on 11th February at 19:00. Classes take place every Tuesday, from 19:00 to 21:30, for 16 weeks.

On 21th




At Berlino Schule, in Gryphiusstr. 23, in Friedrichshain, one of the best, safest and most lively areas in Berlin. Moreover, the school is within walking distance of the East Side Gallery (the longest segment of the Berlin Wall still standing), one of the main touristic attractions of the capital city.

Info and registration

Send us an e-mail at

Read the Italian Version of the article! 

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