Berlin celebrates Georgia with cinema and food thanks to Travelling Film Festival

In Berlin a special night dedicated to Georgia to conclude the Travelling Film Festival

Rivers, valleys, impressive monasteries, the Greater Caucasus… welcome to Georgia! To conclude the Travelling Film Festival, the last night will be dedicated to this magical nation known for the kindness of its inhabitants. Don’t forget the appointment fixed on the 1st of December at 6 p.m at Il Kino cinema (Nansenstr. 22) in Neukölln. The event begins with a warm welcome of the Georgian Embassy and continues with a video presentation of the country. The night proceeds with the vision of the movie Namme, in its original version and with English subtitles. It’s the latest work by the director Zaza Khalvashi. After watching the movie, we will taste a traditional Georgian menu based on finger food, that will introduce us to the best specialties of this charming and secret country. Some informative material will also be available and ready to transport you into the unmissable beauties and to show you the best itineraries of Georgia. The ticket costs 15€ and includes both the movie and the dinner. Don’t waste time and book your ticket, seats are limited!

Georgian Day: The plot of NAMME and the menu of the typical dinner

Namme is a movie directed by Zaza Khalvashi (2017). It tells the story of Alì’s family and the mission it has inherited: to take care of a magic fountain with the power of recovering ill villagers. Unfortunately, The mission success is made more difficult by the construction of a power plant and climate changes. “I wrote the script in 2010 when I was still looking for fundings to realize it. In 2016, once I got the economic support of the National Film Center, I officially started working on it” explained the director. The movie doesn’t put under the spotlight well-known actors, but emerging ones. It was presented to the Tokyo FIlm Festival in 2007 and today it is considered by the critic as “a pearl of contemporary Georgian cinema”. After the screening of the movie, we will move to the lounge room of the cinema where we will be surrounded by delicious Georgian specialties. We will taste Pkhali, a traditional dish of vegetables, herbs and vinegar, Khachapuri, a typical bread with flour, yoghurt and cheese, and also aubergines, spinach and many more vegetables to please also vegan people.

Travelling Film Festival Berlin, 2019 edition

Travelling Film Festival Berlin is a festival born in 2018 to promote the knowledge, the habits and the traditions of some countries around the world without leaving Berlin, through cinema and food. In its second edition Travelling Film Festival will begin on 26th November and it will end on 1st December at the cinema Il Kino. Every day will be dedicated to the discovery of a special country. This year we begin the exploration with Armenia, then passing through Arab Emirates, Croatia, Basilicata, Serbia, up to Georgia. The event will begin at 7 p.m. with the presentation of the day’s nation, then it will continue with the Armenian film screening (in the original version with English subtitles), and at the end it will conclude with a dinner with typical dishes. It’s organized by Berlin Italian Communication, Berlino Magazine, in collaboration with the Embassy of Armenia, Croatia, Arab Emirates, Basilicata, Serbia and Georgia and powered by From A to B, a travel company that helps travellers to find the journey that fits their needs, matching trains, flights, buses and carpooling, and to find and book the cheapest, fastest or most environmentally-friendly option for them.

Travelling Film Festival Berlin – 2019 –

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Georgia Day – Travelling Film Festival 2019

The 1st of December, from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

6 p.m. Welcome and presentation of Georgia

6:15 p.m. Screening of NAMME directed by Zaza Khalvashi (1h31min, 2017)

8 p.m. Dinner with Georgian traditional food

Price of the ticket: €15, that you can buy here 

IL KINO Berlin

Nansenstraße 22, 12047 Berlin

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