Win a trip to Naples and much more with the instagram contest of the True Italian Pizza Week 2020

The Instagram contest by True Italian and Berlino Magazine, dedicated to those who want to enjoy the authentic Italian pizza in the heart of Naples, is taking place this year as well.

In occasion of the True Italian Pizza Week, taking place from October 15th to 21st in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, involving 236 among the best Pizzerias in Germany and organized with the support of the Municipality of Naples, the True Italian Brand together with Berlino Magazine invite all the readers to join the Instagram photo contest that comes with it. Three are the winners who are going enjoy amazing prizes: as first prize, a stay and flight for two people for a weekend in Naples, the city were the pizza was born; a stay in Naples, flight excluded as second prize, and as third prize a gift card for the amount of 50€ for one of the participating restaurants, in the city of the winner.

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Why Naples?

Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, worldwide known as the pizza’s native place. The city offers not only a unique landscape and an amazing city centre, declared UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 1995, but it is also one of the main culinary attractions in Italy. Here you can find some historical pizzerias, among the most famous in the world; just to name a few: Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Pizzeria Brandi and Pizzeria Lombardi. These families hand down, from generation to generation, the recipes for the preparation of the traditional pizza, the one we recognize today as the original and authentic. A stay in Naples is a unique experience, an occasion to dive into Italy’s history and culture as well as into a culinary tradition which is unique in the world. The contest organized by Berlino Magazine and True Italian will make this experience possibile with just a few steps and a bit of luck.

An enchanting street in Naples

The contest: how to participate

The rules of the contest are very simple: from October the 15th to the 21st, go in one of the 236 participating restaurants and order the specialty of the True Italian Pizza week (here the complete lists of the participating pizzerias: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hannover, Cologne, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hamburg). Take a picture, use your creativity, and publish it on your personal profile before October the 21st at midnight. Remember that all the stories will not be considered. These are the rules for the picture publication in order to be admitted to the contest:

  • tag the profile of trueitalianfood in the picture;
  • put the hashtag #trueitalianpizzaweek and #togetherwithaperol in the description
  • localize the post in the restaurant in which you took the picture (of course, it must be one of the 236 pizzerias of the True Italian Pizza Week).

The contest: how to win

Our special jury is made up of three people: Andrea D’Addio (Berlino Magazine director), Sara Proserpio (our graphic designer) and Anna Agliardi (our photographer). First of all, they will select the 10 most original and creative pictures among all (it’s not a contest for professional photographers, so creativity will be very important). Second of all, on Thursday, October 22nd, these 10 photos will be posted on @trueitalianfood Insta-stories, where the audience will be able to vote the best three through a poll. Only after the canonical 24h duration of the stories, we will announce and reach out the contest winners. The most liked picture wins the first prize and the other following.

The prizes

There will be three different prizes. The first one consists of a trip to Naples, including a stay for two people and two nights in a hotel in the centre of Naples and flights for a maximum of 200€. The second prize consists of a stay in another place in Naples, once again for two people and two nights, but the flights are excluded. The two structures are the “Hotel Santa Brigida” ( in which you will be able to book until November 2021) and the boutique apartments in “Di Affreschi e Volte“. As far as the third prize is concerned, it consists of a 50 euros gift card for one of the pizzerias taking part in the True Italian Pizza Week 2020: the winner of the third prize will have the possibility to choose one among all the participating pizzerias in their city.

A room in the Hotel Santa Brigida

The True Italian Pizza Week event

The fourth edition of the event dedicated to authentic Italian pizza will take place from October 15th to 21st in 236 among the best pizzerias in Germany (stay tuned following the Facebook event). In all participating restaurants you will have the possibility to choose between two different and unique pizzas (vegetarian options always available) and an Aperol Spritz  for just 12€.

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Cover picture: Pixabay / ML5909