Travelling Film Festival Berlin: 5 movies, 5 food experiences, 1 big journey around the world.

Cinema and food: is there a better combination to introduce a country to a foreigner?

Probably not, and this is why the Travelling FIlm Festival Berlin is born: an upcoming 5-day film&food festival taking place in Berlin from Nov. 28th to Dec. 2nd at IL KINO, Nansenstraße 22, a Cozy cinema in Neukölln.

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Our Aim

Each day is focused on one country: Croatia will be the opening day, following United Arab Emirates, Moldova, Serbia and Italy (Sardinia) – the last one. After a welcome and presentation, the screening of one of the most famous films of each country and a traditional buffet dinner will follow. The aim of the festival is to promote culture, costumes and traditions of the five countries through the aid of videos and other turistic tools, in order to make participants experience an amazing journey across the world, inspire guests for the next trip and get them in touch with a multicultural context without leaving Berlin.

Schedule and program

November 28th: Croatian Day
7pm Presentation with a delegate of the Croatian Embassy.
7.15pm Film screening: All the Best – 2016, 102 minutes – directed by Snjezana Tribuson

Plot: Verica, Brankica and Martin are the main characters of this film about loneliness and search for love. Besides them, other people’s destinies are entwined in a series of unlikely events.
9pm Croatian buffet dinner.

November 29th: Emirates Day
7pm Presentation with a delegate of the Arab Emirates Embassy.
7.15pm Film screening: On borrowed time – 2018, 98 minutes – directed by Yasir Al-Yasiri

Plot: four elderly friends spend their latter years in a senior home in Dubai, when they realise that they are gradually losing their enthusiasm for life. Their lives change when one of them inherits a large fortune and decides to support their dreams.
9pm Arabic buffet dinner.

November 30th: Moldovan Day
7pm Presentation with a delegate of the Moldovan Embassy.
7.15pm Film screening: Wedding in Bessarabia – 2009, 92 min – directed by Napoleon Helmis.

Plot: A young Romanian conductor marries a pianist from a Moldovan region. The couple can not afford a new home, so they decide to get married again in Bessarabia where they expect to receive generous gifts from the bride’s family.    9pm Moldovan buffet dinner.

December 1st: Serbian Day
7pm Presentation with a delegate of the Serbian Embassy.
7.15pm Film screening: Out of the woods – 2017, 108 min – directed by Marko Kostic.

Plot: A 60-year-old woman leaves her urban life moving to a village where she has to take care of her grandchildren, whose parents now live in America. There she faces a lot of financial difficulties as the family doesn’t support them. She tries her best to provide for her grandchildren.
9pm: Serbian buffet dinner.

December 2nd: Sardinian Day
7pm Presentation with the directors of the short film and the film.
7.15pm Film screening: Born of Stone – 2016, 15 min – directed by Emilio Bellu.

Plot: A short documentary about Pinuccio Sciola, Sardinian’s most important modern sculptor: active since the ’60s, his sculptures and murals have travelled the world and inspired fellow artists like Renzo Piano. Unlike most sculptors, he was not satisfied with just shaping stones: he found a way to make them talk. Cabras, where fables are born – 2015, 71 min – directed by Raffaello Fusaro.

Plot: It is the story of a journey through the beautiful and wild Sardinia. Musicians, actors, poets and other artists describe the island and discover their own idea of beauty and passion.
9pm: Sardinian buffet dinner.

Info and contacts

Films are screened in original language with English subtitles. The price per day is 15€ and tickets can be purchased at IL KINO or online (qui inserisci il collegamento The event has been organized by Berlin Italian Communication UG in collaboration with: IL KINO – Circolo Sardo di Berlino – Croatia, Arab Emirates, Moldova and Serbia embassies. The artistic director is the journalist and cinema critic Andrea D’Addio.
Facebook Page: Travelling Film Festival Berlin (you will find the link to the event inside)
Instagram: @travelinfilmfestivalberlin

Immagine copertina: Foto d’archivio di Berlino Magazine

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