Berlin celebrates Serbia with cinema and food thanks to Travelling Film Festival

Serbia arrives in Berlin through the Travelling Film Festival with traditional food and an original movie

How to travel across the Balkan Peninsula to discover Serbia while staying in Berlin? The Travelling Film Festival is the answer. For the occasion, the German capital presents the heritage of this great nation, contaminated by different cultures, stories ad religions.   with cinema and typical food. The event is scheduled on 30th November at 6 p.m. at the cinema Il Kino (Nansenstr. 22), in the district of Neukölln. The Serbian Embassy itself will welcome you with an introductory video about this charming country. The desire to pack and go discover it won’t miss, of course! Right after, we will enjoy the vision of Taxi Blues, a comedy from 2019 by Miroslav Stamatov, in the original version and with English subtitles. The event goes on with tasty finger food, rich and traditional dishes chosen directly by the Serbian Embassy to delight your palate. While enjoying the dinner, you will have the possibility to deepen your knowledge of this Balkans’ jewel thanks to the informative material displayed. Ticket price is of just 15€, cinema and dinner included. Hurry up and book your ticket, the places available are only 52!

Belgrade, ©stevanaksentijevic, CC0 on Pixabay

Tara’s National Park, , ©stevanaksentijevic, CC0 on Pixabay

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Serbian day: The plot of TAXI BLUES and the menu of the typical dinner

Taxi Blues (2019) tells the romantic and entertaining story of Marko, a not very successful playwriter that must drive a cab to make ends meet. Once the young Damir escape from the orphanage, he gets into Marko’s car to search for his natural father. The chaotic and turbulent first meeting marks the start of a series of crazy but great adventures. Miroslav Stamatov is a Serbian director and screenwriter who debuted with the short-film Dobro poznata stvar (2002) and worked for the realization of A Serbian Film (2010) by Srđan Spasojević. But what about the dinner? A buffet full of traditional Serbian food awaits us after the vision of the movie. We will have the possibility to taste very particular dishes like the beloved čorba, a veal soup served as first course, we will then enjoy gibanica, a savory pie made of cheese, cream and eggs (usually tasted paired with a beer), and also Ćevapčići, Pljeskavica, Sarma and Burek, of course, a puff pastry filled with meat, spices or sweet cheese. Now, we can only hope you will enjoy it!

Travelling Film Festival, 2019 edition

Travelling Film Festival was born in 2018 to promote the knowledge, the habits and the traditions of some countries around the world without leaving Berlin, through cinema and food. In its second edition Travelling Film Festival will begin on 26th November and it will end on 1st December at the cinema Il Kino. Every day will be dedicated to the discovery of a special country. This year we begin the exploration with Armenia, then passing through United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Basilicata, Serbia, up to Georgia. The event will begin at 7 p.m. with the presentation of the nation of the day, then it will continue with the Emirates film screening (in the original version with English subtitles), and at the end it will conclude with a dinner with typical dishes. It’s organized by Berlin Italian Communication, Berlino Magazine, in collaboration with the Embassy of Armenia, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Basilicata, Serbia and Georgia and powered by From A to B, a travel company that helps travellers to find the journey that fits their needs, matching trains, flights, buses and carpooling, and to find and book the cheapest, fastest or most environmentally-friendly option for them.

Travelling Film Festival Berlin – 2019 –

The 'Travelling Film Festival Berlin' is right around the corner, and it's finally time fo you to see the official trailer of the event!Buy your TICKET here enjoy the show!

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Serbia Day – Travelling Film Festival 2019

30th November 2019, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

6 p.m. Welcome and presentation of Serbia

6:15 p.m. Screening of TAXI BLUES, directed by Miroslav Stamatov (1h28 min, 2019)

8 p.m. Dinner with Serbian traditional food

Price of the ticket: €15, that you can buy here

IL KINO Berlin

Nansenstraße 22, 12047 Berlin

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