Summer School

German crash courses: 2 weeks, 50 hours, extra activities, 280€ (from beginners to advanced)

Are you planning to study German in Berlin? Spend two weeks improving your German skills and experiencing Berlin culture thanks to the German summer courses at Berlino Schule.

The two weeks Summer School provides you with the opportunity to learn German, as well as to explore the city of Berlin. You will have the chance to attend German crash courses for five hours a day (from Monday to Friday) for two weeks in Friedrichshain, one of the most vibrant and frenzy district of Berlin. One crash course at Berlino Schule costs 280€. At the moment of the enrollment you will also receive the True Italian Cardwith which you can profit from 15% discount in several Italian restaurants in Berlin on every first Wednesday of the month. Plus, who applies for two crash courses in a raw the price will be reduced. What are you waiting for? The sooner you apply, the better it is!

The perfect mix of language lessons and cultural activities

Berlino Schule balances German language teaching together with interesting afternoon and evening activities (15 hours in two weeks) to enrich both your language knowledge and social relations. You will be welcomed indeed with an aperitif/beer evening and during the week we will screen German movies with English subtitles, organize sightseeing visits around the city and we will have a closing night at the end of the course to celebrate all together this amazing experience!


If you think that finding an accommodation in Berlin is a crucial issue, Berlino Schule can offer you support. We made deals with many flat owners in town to make your research easier. In case of need, we will put you in contact with them according to their availability and will give you a list of hotels and hostels at low prices near the school. If the deal is successful the School will charge you 70€ more for the mediation with the partners. We will also help students who already found an accommodation but are not sure whether is easy to get to the school or not. The prices for the housing normally start from 270€ for two weeks.

Not sure about your level?

If you have already studied German but you’re not sure what your level is, we can arrange a Skype interview with one of our teachers or you can fill in an online test. However the beginners will start from A1.1 and after 50 hours of class throughout two weeks, the students will switch to the next level A1.2 and so on until C1.1.

Job after the courses

Who will attend the German courses until B2 could, if interested, be put in touch with a company specialized in customers service which is always looking for new staff with German skills. Contracts assure the minimum wage (at least 8,50€ per hour) and both full time or part time with flexible schedules.

Special deals for GROUPS OF STUDENTS and SKYPE lessons

We also offer customized German language programs for groups of people who want to spend some time in Berlin to learn or improve their German. Furthermore Berlino Schule organizes German lessons via Skype for those who cannot attend classes in Berlin.

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JULY / Morning (9:15 AM -1:30 PM) :

A1.2: 17 – 28th JULY

B1.2: 17 – 28th JULY

AUGUST / Morning (9:15 AM-1:30 PM) :

A1.1: 31st JULY – 11th AUGUST

A1.2: 14th AUGUST – 25th AUGUST

A2.1: 31st JULY – 11th AUGUST

B1.2: 14th AUGUST – 25th AUGUST

B2.2: 14th AUGUST – 25th AUGUST

AUGUST / Afternoon (2:30 PM -6:45 PM)

A1.1: 14th AUGUST– 25th AUGUST

A1.2: 31st JULY – 11th AUGUST

A2.1: 14th AUGUST – 25th AUGUST

A2.2: 14th AUGUST – 25th AUGUST

B1.1: 31st JULY – 11th AUGUST

SEPTEMBER / Morning (9:15 AM -1:30 PM)

A1.1: 28th AUGUST – 8th SEPTEMBER

B1.1: 28th AUGUST – 8th SEPTEMBER

SEPTEMBER / Afternoon (2:30 PM- 6:45 PM)

A2.2: 28th AUGUST – 8th SEPTEMBER

B2.1: 28th AUGUST – 8th SEPTEMBER



31st JULY – 11th AUGUST (morning)

14th – 25th AUGUST (afternoon)


17th – 28th JULY (morning)

31st JULY – 11th AUGUST (afternoon)

14th – 25th AUGUST (morning)


31st JULY – 11th AUGUST (morning)

14th AUGUST – 25th AUGUST (afternoon)


14th AUGUST – 25th AUGUST (afternoon)

28th AUGUST – 8th SEPTEMBER (afternoon)


31st JULY – 11th AUGUST (afternoon)

28th AUGUST – 8th SEPTEMBER (morning)


17th – 28th JULY (morning)

14th – 25th AUGUST (morning)


14th – 25th AUGUST (morning)


28th AUGUST – 8th SEPTEMBER (afternoon)

The teachers and the method

All our teachers are high qualified and well experienced, understand the students’ needs, whether they wish to prepare for a job or simply wish to learn/improve their German and have fun. They pay special attention to the conversation and the practice and focus – according to the level – on the German grammar using the target language. Classes are relaxed, friendly and generally tutored. Many of the tasks set will be done in pairs or groups, enabling you to practice your German and to get to know the other group members better.

Where is Berlino Schule?

Berlino Schule is located in Gryphiusstraße 23, Friedrichshain. The closest subway stations are Ostkreuz, Samariterstraße and Warschauer Straße. Nearby the school you can find many restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, indie boutiques, vintage shops and flea markets.

How to apply and get more information?

Write an email to or check out the website and the facebook page

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