Intensive German courses and nights out: Summer School at Berlino Schule – our Program

Are you tired of spending the whole summer on the beach? Would you like to take advantage of the summer months in order to learn or improve your German, a language which is becoming increasingly more important in the search for a job? Are you dying to spend a few weeks in Berlin, the current European capital of culture, art and nightlife?

The Summer School organized by Berlino Schule is precisely the study trip you are looking for. You will have the possibility to attend our super-intensive courses for two weeks, 5 hours a day (from Monday to Friday) in one of the city’s most friendly and international districts; Friedrichshain. The price of the course is 280€. The maximum of people in any one class is 15 and the sooner you subscribe the more chance you’ll have of finding a place. Whoever subscribes to two consecutive German courses will have a discount on the second one (costing 250€ instead of 280€).

That’s not all. Besides the language courses, Berlino Schule offers their students many afternoon activities to help them discover the city.

Where to stay

You would like to take part of this program but you are discouraged because finding a flat in Berlin is an almost impossible mission? Berlino Schule has agreements with flats, hostels, family homes and hotels all around the city in order to facilitate the search of accommodation for their students. Due to the big demand, if we can’t find you an accommodation, the school is available to give you advice for your search.

The dates

The Summer School organized by Berlino Schule will take place from the the 3rd of July to the 8th of september and will be structured in blocks of two weeks: 17-28 July, 31 July-11 August, 28 August-8 September. There will be morning courses (9.15-1.30 AM) and afternoon courses (2.30-6.45 PM). Below you will find all German courses divided by dates and further down divided by level.

Legend. For those who have never studied German, the course begins from an A1.1 level. After 50 hours of lessons, which are divided into 2 weeks (an hour lasts 45 minutes according to the European Convention of languages and like in every other language school in Europe), you will move on to the next level, A1.2. After A1.2 you will move on A2.1 and so on, reaching, at the end C1.2 level, the last step before feeling like a native speaker.

Find a job after your German course. Those who attend the courses up to at least C1 level and reach a real knowledge of the language, if interested, will be put into contact with an important Italian company based in Berlin specialized in customer assistance and constantly looking for new staff. A legal contract is guaranteed (at least 8,50€ hour), either full-time or part-time with flexible hours.

Please note:

1. 280€ of the course do not cover travel expenses or accommodation, but only the course for two weeks.

2. There is no age limit.

3. For what accommodation concerns: we have contacts with several families and private houses that have vacant rooms. We will put you in contact with them according to their availability and will give you a list of hotels and hostels at low prices near the school. If the deal is successful the School will charge you 70€ more for the mediation with the partners. We will also offer you advice in case you’ve already found a room but you don’t know if it’s in a convenient area in order to reach the school.

4. Students under 18we will pay specific attention to them during class times, but not in their freetime,

5. Whoever subscribes to two consecutive German courses will pay the second one 260€ instead of 280€.


First cycle – JULY
Mornings (9.15-1.30 AM)

A1.2: 17 JULY – 28 JULY

B1.2: 17 JULY – 28 JULY

Second cycle – AUGUST
Mornings (9.15-1.30 AM)

A1.1: 31 JULY – 11 AUGUST

A1.2: 14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST

A2.1: 31 JULY – 11 AUGUST

B1.2: 14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST

B2.2: 14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST

Afternoons (2.30-6.45 PM)

A1.1: 14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST

A1.2: 31 JULY – 11 AUGUST

A2.1: 14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST

A2.2: 14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST

B1.1: 31 JULY – 11 AUGUST

Third cicle – SEPTEMBER
Mornings (9.15-1.30 AM)


Afternoons (2.30-6.45 PM)




A1.1 (BASE)

17 – 28 JULY (afternoon)

31 JULY– 11 AUGUST (morning)

14 – 25 AUGUST (afternoon)


17 – 28 JULY (morning)

31 JULY – 11 AUGUST (afternoon)

14 – 25 AUGUST (morning)


31 JULY – 11 AUGUST (morning)

14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST (afternoon)


14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST (afternoon)


31 JULY – 11 AUGUST (afternoon)

28 AUGUST – 8 SEPTEMBER (morning)


17 – 28 JULY (morning)

14 – 25 AUGUST (morning)


14 – 25 AUGUST (morning)


31 JULY – 11 AUGUST (morning)


14 – 25 AUGUST (morning)

The teachers. The teachers at Berlino Schule have a long-standing and certificated experience in teaching German and most of them also speak Italian fluently.

The classes. There will be a maximum of 12 students.

“I’ve already studied German, but I don’t know which level I have”. In this case we will give you the possibility to have a Skype conversation with one of our teachers in order to understand which class is better for you.

Price for the German courseEach German level lasts two weeks and costs 280€. At your subscription you will also receive the Berlino Magazine Card, which gives you the possibility to get discounts in several Italian restaurants and bars here in Berlin. Whoever subscribes to two consecutive German courses will pay the second one 250€ instead of 280€.

It’s not just about German classesWe also organize afternoon and evening activities (such as german movies with subtitles, city tours, happy hours) for a total of 15 hours in two weeks.

Where to find Berlino Schule. Our adresse is Gryphiusstraße 23. Located in Friedrichshain, one of the youngest (and safest) districts in Berlin. The closest subway station is Ostkreuz but you can also reach us from two subway stations: Samaritierstraße and Warschauerstraße. The centre of Berlin’s nightlife. Near the school there are plenty of restaurants in which you can taste dishes from all over the world or just enjoy a beer after class.  


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