Summer in Berlin studying German: 2 weeks classes for 270 €, room from 260 €

Learning German for two weeks in Berlin at different levels, in the morning and in the afternoon, for a total amount of 50 hours of lessons (5 hours per day from Monday to Friday) for 270 € in total. Then other activities related to German (screenings, table games, city tours and so on) and some evenings out. Small classes (up to 12 students), large and nice rooms and a relaxed, but professional atmosphere: this is the Berlino Schule‘s offer for this summer. Classes will take place in Gryphiusstraße 23, Friedrichshain-district, one of the liveliest and safest areas in Berlin, the right place to enjoy the city and its many initiatives.

Accommodation. What did you say? You are really interested, but you cannot find a place to stay in Berlin? Berlino Schule signed several agreements with apartments, hostels, family houses and hotels in the city to make the research easier for its students. Since the apartments’ demand is increasing everyday more, if we won’t be able to provide you with a place, we will give you advice and logistical support for your research. The rent of the rooms/apartments we are in contact with for a stay of two weeks in all oscillates from a minimum of 260 euros for a single room in a shared apartment to a maximum of 550 euros for a whole flat.

Courses’ calendar. If you have never studied German, your level is A1.1. The first A1.1 course will be in the morning from 4th to 15th July. Alternatively, still in the morning, you can choose the period from 1st to 12th August. If you prefer to study in the afternoon (from 14.30 until 18.45), you can choose the course from 18th to 29th July or from 15th to 26th August. Below you can find the list of all our courses, divided per period and level. There can be a maximum of 12 people in each group. The ones who sign up first will get a place in the course. Students who sign up for two consecutive German courses will get a discount on the second course, which will cost 238 euros instead of 250 euros.

Leisure activities. If you attend the morning classes, you can spend three afternoons carrying out activities related to German, as cineforums, table games or city tours to practice what you have learned during the previous hours.

Age and nationality. There are no limits of age or nationality for the registration. The courses will take place in German and only in particular cases the teachers will use Italian.

Beyond the German, there is also English. Berlino Schule offers English courses too: anyone who can write and speak English at an intermediate level and wants to improve their language skills is welcome to sign up for the courses. Each English course lasts two weeks. Classes take place from Monday to Thursday, from 15.00 to 17.30. The course’s fee amounts to 160 euros. It’s possible to attend the English course even without participating in a German one.

A brief legend. The ones who have never studied German will start from the A1.1 level. After fifty hours of lessons organized within two weeks, they will be able to continue with the next level, that is A1.2. After the A1.2 they will go through the A2.1 and so on until the C1.2, the last step to feel like a native speaker.

Please note: 

  1. The course’s fee amounts to 250 euros (plus 20 euros for the registration) and does not include the travel and accomodation’s costs, but only the German course of two weeks.
  2. There are no limits of age.
  3. About the accommodation: Berlino Schule has contacts with several families and private owners in Berlin. We will put you into contact with them and provide you with a list of hotels and hostels located near the school with their respective fees. We will offer you also a consultation in case you have already found a place, but you need further information about the area where it is located or public transportation to the school.
  4. To minor students: we will pay particular attention to them during the lessons, but not outside.
  5. Anyone who signs up for two German courses will get a discount of 12 euros on the second one, which will cost 238 euros instead of 250 euros.




Morning courses (9.15-13.30)

A1.1: 4th JULY – 15th JULY

A1.2: 18th JULY – 29th JULY

A2.1: 4th JULY – 15th JULY

A2.2: 18th JULY – 29th JULY

B1.2: 18th JULY – 29th JULY

B2.1: 4th JULY – 15th JULY

Afternoon courses (14.30-18.45)

B1.1: 4th JULY – 15th JULY

A1.1: 18th JULY – 29th JULY



Morning courses (9.15-13.30)

A1.1: 1st AUGUST – 12th AUGUST

A1.2: 15th AUGUST – 26th AUGUST

A2.1: 1st AUGUST – 12th AUGUST

B1.2: 15th AUGUST – 26th AUGUST

Afternoon courses (14.30-18.45)

B1.1: 1st AUGUST – 12th AUGUST

A1.1: 15th AUGUST – 26th AUGUST

B2.1: 1st AUGUST – 12th AUGUST




4th – 15th JULY (morning)

18th – 29th JULY (afternoon)

1st – 12th AUGUST (morning)

15th – 26th AUGUST (afternoon)


18th – 29th JULY (morning)

15th – 26th AUGUST (morning)


4th – 15th JULY (morning)

1st – 12th AUGUST (morning)


18th – 29th JULY (morning)


4th – 15th JULY (afternoon)

1st – 12th AUGUST (afternoon)


18th – 29th JULY (morning)

15th – 26th AUGUST (morning)


4th – 15th JULY (morning)

1st – 12th AUGUST (afternoon)

Summer School

The teachers. The teachers of Berlino Schule have a long and certified experience in the field of German teaching. Most of them can speak English and Italian fluently.

“I have already studied German, but I cannot define my level”. In this case we can offer you the possibility to have a talk via Skype with one of our teachers in order to check which is the right course for you.

German courses’ costs. Every single German level (two weeks, 50 hours of lessons in all) costs 250 euros (only 5 euros per hour) plus 20 euros for the registration. With the registration you will get the Berlino Magazine Card, a badge with whom you can get several discounts in different Italian restaurants and bars in Berlin, especially located in the area of the school. Anyone who signs up for two German courses will get a discount of 12 euros on the second one, which will cost 238 euros instead of 250 euros.

Berlino Schule. The address of the school is Gryphiusstraße 23. We are based in Friedrichshain, one of the youngest and safest areas in Berlin, as well as one of the most important districts for cultural and nightlife. The closest metro station is Ostkreuz, but you can easily get to the school also from the metro station Samariterstraße or Warschauerstraße. The area of the school is full of restaurants, where you can taste flavours from all over the world or simply drink a beer at the end of the lessons.



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