All the things you should know about the Berlin Feminist Film Week 2015

The major film festival that collects the best movies made by women, mainly about other females will take place soon. The Berlin Feminist Film Week 2015 is about to start.

In today’s cinema women are often in shadow. Wives, girlfriends, sisters, are usually playing the supporting roles on the silver screen. How often do we see heroines or strong women characters, especially after forty ? Women have to fight for their positions in the cinema and the leading actresses such as Meryl Streep on various occasions exhort the directors and producers to give them significant roles. On the other side of the camera, the situation is even worse. It is much more difficult for a woman to produce movies or to be recognized as a director.

Berlin Feminist Film Week aims to promote and pay tribute female filmmakers. During one week, it shows movies about women made by women from different parts of the world. It deals with topics significant for them, where they play leading roles as strong and active characters,. Although most of the films can be labeled as feminist, the festival wants to promote those that usually get less attention in the film industry in general.

This year’s edition takes place between 6th-13th of March in various locations in Berlin. There are 22 propositions, including fictions and documentaries (followed by discussions).

All of the movies try to confront the audience with very current topics, above all, promotion of diversity, minorities and inclusion of the LGBT community. “Something must break” is a rough story about love between transsexual Sebastian and straight Andreas. The intimate love story placed in modern Stockholm is all about dealing with sexuality and gender norms. “SMILF” tells the story of a single mother, who struggles to balance her new role with her old type of life. In “Casablanca Calling” a story of the social revolution in Morocco is being told. Women in this Muslim country stood up as a movement called Morchidat, which aims to support girls’ education and campaign against early marriage. From another part of the globe, “Difret” deals with the topic of women’s rights and patriarchy, based on the complex example of Ethiopia’s reality.

There is a lot more to find at the Berlin Feminist Film Week, and of course not for women only!

Berlin Feminist Film Week

6th-13th of March

Various location


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